La Loca

Tey Diana Rebolledo explained the phenomenon of La Loca in latino culture (in other cultures it has other names) in her book The Chronicles of Panchita Villa and Other Guerrilleras:

“If they are not good, then they must be bad. And bad women are evil, loose, escandalosas and malcriadas. […] Often locas are women who have tried to conform to familial religious and societal rules and pressure, but who have been unable to. In order to survive, the self splits, fragments, and becomes Other. The Other then can turn to anger (especially against oneself, as in depression) or to unacceptable beahvior whereby La Loca is seen as a menace to others. She has gone crazy. She is marginalized because she is out of control and out of touch with “reality.” (page 117)

La Loca is a phenomenon that I found myself in with my argentine family. After years of struggling to be the good daughter, trying to conform to a way of being that led to the repression of my true self, my real wishes and my freedom, I finally said no and was considered Other, La Loca, and was shunned. But Loca is something to be proud of. Locas are the ones who are brave enough to break the bad patterns, who walk their own way and refuse to give up their freedom for old traditions who repress them. I’m la Loca.

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