6 months anniversary, cheers to our tears!

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Six months have passed since our little A came into the world. Six months with very little sleep, a lot of tears and a lot of laughs. I know most new parents say this, but I never thought it would be this much work, or this much fun. I’ve cried myself to sleep more times than I can count, only to wake up 10 minutes later because little A is crying. I’ve laughed so loud and hard that I’ve scared our son, and made him laugh as well even though he might’ve been crying only seconds ago.

As I’m writing this our little wonder is sleeping in the baby carrier, his head close to my heart. He cries in his sleep because he has a bad cold with a horrible cough and fever. Our mostly sleepless nights are worse now that he is sick, and every day I’m surprised that I haven’t fallen asleep standing up. There have been nights, especially in the beginning, when I’ve said that I probably just wasnt cut out for motherhood, and felt an immense sadness that little A has me for a mom. But it’s amazing what just a few more hours of sleep can do, and then I realize that no one could be more of a kick ass mom to him, or love him as much as I do.

Being a new mom is definitely not a walk in the park, and required way more tears than I care to admit. But seeing how our little boy trusts in us to solve whatever little problem that might come in his way, and how his smile makes my heart skip a beat, I realize how lucky I am to be his mom.

So cheers to our tears and our laughs little A, there will be many more of them… I love you

– Momjen and little A




2 thoughts on “6 months anniversary, cheers to our tears!

    Carina said:
    March 2, 2013 at 00:27

    Du är enastående, Jennifer. Jag är så stolt över dig och det är så vackert att se din glädje, omsorg, tålmodighet, ömhet och varsamhet gentemot din lille son. Varm kram från mormor och krya på er allihopa:)

      Jennifer Larancuent responded:
      March 2, 2013 at 10:39

      tack mammarenguis!!!

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