Is Beyonce’s panties really your business?

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With an article published last Tuesday about how Beyonce’s posing in her panties on a GQ-cover supposedly isn’t helping feminism, and another article about how Michelle Obama’s work as a first lady is making her a victim I just had to rant a little….

The problem with the GQ-cover isn’t that Beyonce posed in little more than her underwear and something that once was a jersey – the problem is more complex than that.

Beyonce's GQ cover
Beyonce’s GQ cover

The problem is that patriarchy has decided what is sexy.

The problem is that in our society and in pop culture it seems that it’s a requirement, part of the job description actually, that female artists drop their clothes now and again.

The problem is that a woman is coming down on another woman for the way she dresses. Really? Is that our number one problem today? When women still are paid less than men, if paid at all for their labor. When women are being raped, objectified, ridiculed, harassed, stripped of their rights to their own bodies and minds. Is Beyonce’s panties really your business?

Beyonce’s panties aren’t helping feminism, I agree, but I don’t see how they are hurting it either. If Beyonce feels empowered in her panties, that’s aweseome. That’s not the issue. The issue is that women are told HOW they should demonstrate their sexuality (or not amit to being sexual being at all). Freeman somehow seems to think that because Beyonce is an A-list celebrity she shouldn’t fall for “this attention-seeking nonsense”, as if somehow Beyonce’s fame would protect her from the pressure that society puts on all women. Actually, Beyonce gives strength to many non-white girls and women over the world. Isn’t that feminist power?

And the problem isn’t Michelle Obama “giving up her career to be a stay-at-home-mom”, I suspect she has money of her own and a career to fall back on if something should happen.

The problem is that the media is trying to fool all of us into believing that there is one type of feminist/feminism; the one that hates men, doesn’t shave, and tells you what you should be doing. That’s bullshit. Feminism is about choice, and a million other things. But while we’re on the subject, some other ideologies that tells you what to do comes to mind – ever heard about the militant pro-life movement?

The problem is that most women can’t choose if they want a career, stay home with the kids, or do both.

The problem is that everyone is coming down on a woman of color for doing something that white women can do without getting as much bs, hell they’re even congratulated for “owning their sexuality”.

The problem, is patriarchy. Not Beyonce’s panties.


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