Sweden’s Rainy City…

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Ok, so Gothenburg isn’t really called Sweden’s Rainy City, I think a small town outside of Gothenburg is called that, but it doesn’t really matter – it should be called Sweden’s Rainy City. I’ve spent most of the time these last two months walking around in my rain boots, that I initially loved when first purchased but everything has a limit – except for the rainy days of Gothenburg, it seems.

Winter is coming closer every day, but if you’re thinking how lucky we are that we will soon be covered in snow – you’d better think again: Gothenburg is better known for its slask (what we call the poor remnants of snow after it has almost been washed away by the heavy rain, only leaving a slippery slush to remind us that Xmas came and went). Not that I’m really complaining, I don’t really like snow. But I also don’t like walking up and down slippery hills all winter…

In other words – I wish I was sipping on a mojito under a palm tree…



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