Still Hungry? #BAD11

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    In Argentina they said “Hay que comer para vivir, pero nosotros vivimos para comer” – “You have to eat to live, but we live to eat.” It took me weeks to be able to have dinner with my family when visiting, because I was so full after having eaten all day already: breakfast, and then something to go with the mate – lunch (which was more like a early dinner, really) and then something to go with the mate again – and why not something to picár before dinner?

This is in no way specific to Argentina – the portions I was served when eating at restaurants in New York made me feel full just by looking at them, and in Sweden we throw away perfectly fine food because it’s either been in the refrigerator “a day too many” or because we are so full.

At the same time, one billion people are starving all over the world. Because of rising food prices (in the latest years because of the increasing use of bio- and agrofuel) poverty and natural distasters, parents have to tuck their children in wondering if they will be able to provide them with food the next day. It should be a given that everyone in the world has the right to food security – that they at all times have economic and physical access to healthy, nutricious food for themselves and their families.

Please sign the petition against the ever-growing starvation on the site 1 billion hungry, because a world where 1 billion people are hungry is unacceptable 


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